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How Herbal Blends Can Enhance Your Yoga Practice

Before I tell you about my experience with adding herbs to my yoga practice, let me first tell you about my experience with yoga in general. 

As someone with ADHD who suffered badly from anxiety my whole life, I wanted to give yoga a go, not just for the physical benefits but for the mental benefits and possibility of naturally helping with my anxiety. But any time I would put on a youtube video, I would struggle to focus on both the breathing and pose at the same time, it felt like it was always one or the other. I would feel frustrated for not being able to do what seemed so simple to everyone else and this would dishearten me. So yoga just became something I did every now and then and just for the physical benefits of keeping up with my flexibility and that was all. It was more of a chore and less of a de-stressing practice for me. 

And then I added my herbal blends to the mix and my whole perspective changed. It was like the volume of my 110,000 thoughts turned down and I was vacuum sucked into my body. I'd never experienced this connection to self before. My mind and body relaxed, I was not only able to take full, deep breaths but I could feel that breath move around my body. It was like time stopped around me and all my focus was on my mind & body, I had no worries about the world around me or pressure to get the practice over and done with. My focus heightened and I could concentrate on each pose, and movement and fully feel each strength. The mind-to-muscle connection was real and it felt like i was giving myself a full body massage. I was completely immersed in my body and for the first time ever, I felt like I could hear & communicate with it. 

Even my poses had more of a flow to them, there was no underlying tension that I usually carried with me on a day to day. I felt free, enlightened and like I finally understood my being as a whole. This is what people talk about when they express their love for yoga, I could finally understand it now and was totally here for it, "Hippie dippie bullsh*t - sign me the F*CK UP!!" Time went out the window and I just moved my body in ways that felt good and left the mat like a new woman who just levelled up in life. 

There are very few times in my life where I can actually switch 90% off and put my focus on one thing, and I mean VERY FEW TIMES. Most of the time my mind is constantly racing, and it's not necessarily bad things, its just a mix of everything and it can be mentally draining. For most my life, I just assumed everyone went through this until I realised that I had ADHD and "normal" people can have a quiet mind more often than not. 

So when I tell you, adding herbs to my yoga practice and being able to experience a moment of bliss and deep connection to self, has changed my life. You best believe me!! Yoga went from a task that I dreaded to something I look forward to each week and make it a crucial part of my weekly routine, at least 3 longer, mindful sessions a week. 

So whether you are a sipper or a smoker, a yogi or an anti-yogi ( not sure if this is a term but we are going with it), next time you get on your mat, get a little herby beforehand and see if it changes your perspective. 

And Id love to hear your thoughts.

Stay Enchanted,


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